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Beshir Rugs & Carpets

Beshir rugs are named for the Ersari-Beshir tribe, a tribal unit of the (Turkoman) Ersari people. Distinguishing themselves from their cousins, the Ersari-Beshir placed more of an emphasis on floral patterns in their rug designs. This is immediately evident when viewing Beshir rugs, with some examples including repetitive Boteh (paisley)...more. To obtain more information (and to view a larger, higher quality image) for a particular rug, please click its image.

Beshir Rugs, No. SG-608
1.270 x 2.083
A$ 1,395.00*
A$ 1,695.00
Beshir Rugs, No. LH-5519
2.000 x 2.930
A$ 1,595.00*
A$ 1,875.00
Beshir Rugs, No. LH-2794
1.980 x 2.840
A$ 1,995.00*
A$ 2,345.00
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