Amritsar Rugs & Carpets

Amritsar is one of the oldest carpet-weaving centers in the Indian Subcontinent. Located in Indian Punjab near the border of Pakistan, many carpet-weaving families from Amritsar migrated to the nearby Pakistani city of Lahore, also a very old carpet-weaving center and ancient city, upon Partition of India and Pakistan in...more. To obtain more information (and to view a larger, higher quality image) for a particular rug, please click its image.

Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-6673
3.882 x 5.074
A$ 8,445.00*
Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-5948
2.440 x 2.960
A$ 3,495.00*
Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-5944
2.430 x 3.012
A$ 3,595.00*
Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-4666
0.950 x 0.930
A$ 595.00*
Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-3519
2.462 x 2.990
A$ 3,995.00*
Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-3514
1.830 x 2.700
A$ 2,975.00*
Amritsar Rugs, No. LH-1376
1.244 x 1.890
A$ 1,375.00*
A$ 1,595.00
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